Monday, 30 June 2008

The Pleasure Bus Tour Cometh...

Yes Yes. Please Yourself presents The Pleasure Bus Tour. From Weds August 13th Our big Beautiful Pleasure Bus will be on tour round the UK, blogging about the best of Britain's backyard and our adventures as we set up a mobile art gallery & shop in various towns & cities throughout the land. We've got a host of amazing artists on show, so come along & bag yourself some fresh art before they get big. There'll be Ltd edition prints, t-shirts, postcards all at affordable prices, with a dose of daily Good News and fresh ink. Also if you're quick, there way be a space in the bus for your bottom. Check the tour dates & map & see where you can join us.
All aboard now!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Please Yourself Sampler

Please Yourself will be involved in an open studios at absorb arts. Please come along and check out what we've been up to. You'll get access to some of the best emerging artists on the scene. Really exciting stuff going on here. Plus, if you're lucky we'll take you to the restaurant where Gilbert & George go for their kebabs. Win Win Win!

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Here's the first Regards Card courtesy of Please Yourself, a small token of our appreciation for our friends at Agency Republic.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Cockabillybongo in Marrakech

I recently got back from a holiday jaunt to Marrakech. Whilst there I took one of my cockabillybongo drawings to a carpenter who I persuaded in broken GCSE level french to make it for me. I think I was a bit ambitious, but he did an OK job. Happy chap isn't he?

Please Yourself Outing Fails

Yep, there was no pleasure in seeing our beloved Leeds Utd lose in another Playoff final. Cracking atmosphere tho, and it was really nice to see Yorkshire take over a bit of London for a while. Maybe one day Yorkshire can have it's own London settlement like the Turks, Greeks and the Jews. Pies and pudding for all.

The Pleasure Bus is back (kinda)

Yes yes, it's that time again. It's time to get the gold bus out, fix it up and take the please yourself show on the road. Obviously things don't always run totally smooth. But hey, it's lucky our van was going pushable distance to the garage. It's pretty much fixed up and ready to go now thanks to Park View motors (Muchas gracias to Mina, Ricky, Chris and the crew). Vroom Vroom. Here we come.

Please Yourself Recipe

Our good friend cooked us a cracking bit of lesbian* food recently. Cathy O, we love you (and we love Anorak "The happy mag for kids")

Cathy's recipe is simple:

Add Amy Winehouse Butternut squash - put whole in the oven with potatoes in a dish with olive oil and thyme. for about half hour. Don't peel the squash. Once cooked cut tatties in half. Once buternut squash is cooked, but in half and scoop out flesh. Put all in a bowl with tuna, chick peas, parsley, boiled egg black olives et VOILA.Totally delicious.

*Lesbian Food has chickpea's in apparently.

The Queen

We finished Creative Review's front cover. Sloppy work CR.

Please Yourself at the O2

Does it get any better? You get a brief to enhance the O2 customer's privilege experience at the O2, make it clear that it's essential that you go to the O2 to "research", go, blag 2 tickets from an O2 angel to see the WU-Tang clan's RZA. Then see the RZA. WU-Tang! Wu-Tang! Wu-Tang! We did do work, promise. We just had fun doing it.

Nick's Portrait

by Day Glow Dow

Please Yourself win their first award!!!

Yes yes, I won the best overall player & goal scorer at our first yearly 5 aside football awards. I was well chuffed, but also slightly appalled at the way my competitive streak can come across to people. Check the speeches from the night.

Pitch Bitchin'

We had a few months with the lovely folk at Agency Republic, who are fantastic and always get the best out of us by making us their official pitch bitches, which we secretly love. We like it fast and frantic. We helped the guys win both of the pitches we worked on. COI's anti-smoking account and the Olympics. Everyone was well chuffed with the work and the result as you can see.

Smells Good. Smell's Like Chris Neadham.

We were lucky enough to work on the Nokia account at Work Club. Initially we were asked for a support website for Nokia's sponsorship of the Greenroom on T4 on a sunday. Instead we came up with the Nokia superfan who works behind the scenes and blogs his interviews with the stars & his love of everything music.
If you've been following Chris Neadham as he meets the stars, you'll have discovered a star in the making. He's quite frankly brilliant and adds a whole new level to the Green Room. Well done Work Club, Well done Nokia and Well done Charlie & crew. Keep it up. Oh, and get us some tickets for Justice at Somerset House yeh? No? ok.

Please Yourself puts on a spread.

On our last day with the fantabulous Work Club, we visited the local market at borough (and the sainsbury's) and put on a spread of Yorkshire proportions. We made use of absolutely none of the great kitchen utensils in Work Club. The classics were all present; pork pie, quiche, egg baps, jelly, ice cream and those circular biscuit with icing on that can make young children froth at the mouth. Good for a healty appetit, but am not sure Mr Sandoz approved of the sleep enducing affair. Productiveness and Pork pie don't exactly sit hand in hand.


So we had a stint at RGA. Three things we loved about RGA
1) Mr Nathan Cooper
2) The British Museum is around the corner from RGA
3) and the work, but also the fact that we started working in a meeting room but ended up in the above situation.

Please Yourself is Alive!

So we've been a bit shy on the blog front for the last few months. Apologies for that. But we're back and smelling fresher than a nymph's lymph. Yeh, it's time for a catch up peeps. It's been a heady whirlwind of pitch bitchin', moving house, and making plans. It's been fantastic. Read On, Read up.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Is it something we said.

For some reason they are putting bars up around us as we work. We're good boys really, promise!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year....

Happy New year from us at Please Yourself (me & nick basically). Resolutions are coming thick and fast. Our company resolutions are to eat more cheese and cause more trouble. Two things that we already excel at, but can always improve on.
08 is gonna be gud juno. big plans a foot.

note to self....
never leave the house on new years day. it's dark, the streets are piled high with sick and the general mood is doom and gloom.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Work Club Lab

Please Yourself are in Work Club
We draw on their lovely chalk walls and wear tiny masks gathered from nearby borough market.

Work Club are an exciting new company that are gonna be big in 2008. Bigger than Tom Hanks' Trampoline in Big. Bigger than a beavers teeth and bigger than hiphop.

From left to right; rob, Andy (chief beef), and Nick.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The wall has a face

Meet Rob's new flatmate Tyrone. Last Saturday Rob spent a whole lot of time cutting up card and filling the frames that have been taunting him in his lounge at home . If you would like any of your frames, walls or houses filling with big and bright give us a nudge. Please feel free to please yourself.

The gateway to Narnia

With a little magic wand and a lot of time, we transformed our dull battleship grey office cupboard into a thing of awe and wonder.

Then 3 weeks later with a large crowbar and a whole heap of aggression some lovely local burglers turned it into a mangled heap of techni-colour metal.

However the creatures warned off the evil spirits and they decided they'd leave our pile of sketchbooks, pot of paint brushes and a tub of white spirit, And take our neighbours computers instead. Nasty evil spirits!